"…then slowly kiss down your chest…over your stomach, whilst stroking the inside of your thigh."


I came across this Craigslist Ads today while browsing for fun. Uh oh, can’t believe a soul would offer this service in bold under Customer Service category.

If you're not satisfied with this insane service, here's another finger licking good opening: GET PAID TO ABUSE A PATHETIC MALE TODAY TONIGHT ASAP

Naughty, eh? I’m wondering if a lonely lad eats this ad.

sexy naughty craigslist ads london


Do It Yourself or D-I-Y?

do it yourself, DIYWould you rather let someone do a task for you or would you do-it-yourself?

I’m wondering, if I’ll do-it myself, I'll end up in a bin for filthy creatures. You see, there are chores that are best done by someone who got balls to complete them in a snap. Say, cleaning the yard covered with ten feet piled dried leaves - remnants of Noah.

If I’ll pass a task to Mister X, there's no more room for me to swear at things that irk me most – broken water hose, flat tires, broken toilet light bulbs, computer monitor that blinks forever.

I’m getting old, so passing some workload to an active soul will give me that privilege to sleep like a baby. Is it not wonderful?

I love life and life is good. I'll marked my calendar with names of lovely souls whose goal is to keep my sanity intact.

Wait a minute – most of the daily chores are perfect for my expertise, ugh!


Fourth International Conference On Digital Enterprise and Information Systems (DEIS2017)

Researchers, PHD holders, Professionals, you are all invited to participate in The Fourth International Conference On Digital Enterprise and Information Systems (DEIS2017.) DEIS2017 conference will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 19 - 20, 2017. This two day event international conference is presented and delivered by researchers from the international community, including presentations from keynote speakers and state-of-the-art lectures. For GUEST attendees, please register here: http://sdiwc.net/conferences/4th-international-conference-on-digital-enterprise-and-information-systems/be-a-guest/


Fifth International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development

Attend and participate in The Fifth International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development (ICeND2017) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 11-13, 2017. ICEND2017 is part of The Sixth World Congress on Computing, Engineering and Technology (WCET). This three day event/conference is presented by researchers from the international community, including presentations from keynote speakers and state-of-the-art lectures. SEE YOU THERE!!!


My Application Letter is Rubber Filled

I’m not a native English speaker nor a pro in labor laws, but I got under my belt a meter of writing experience,answering questions about labor laws, last will and testament, custody battle, did I mention crimes? Yep. I also covered a bit - all in US settings. Then, I applied for a writing job: A US Labor Laws centered article writing gig.

A few minutes after I pressed the SEND button, my application bounced big time, PAK! I didn’t know my application is rubber filled.

I reviewed my application:

  • Attachment - check
  • Type “word” on the first line of application- check.
  • All RIGHT. So, what’s going on here?

    Oh, there goes the reason for the bounce. @#$%^! The soul who automatically rejected my application (a person or a bot, who knows) had a note: “Spam application”. WTH! How did he know my application is a spam? I didn’t eat Spam (sarcasm to the max) when I wrote my full-of-desire-to-be-hired application letter.

    Angry? Nope. My heart ached a sec but I'm fine. Thanks to my favorite writers (i.e. Carol, Oni, Sophie). They inspired me to move forward.


    How to Drive Away Flies Effectively

    I hate flies especially those in food markets. It annoys me when vendors don’t bother to get rid of them nor take the initiative to zero in flies.

    In fairness, there are some enterprising vendors who find ways to get rid of flies.

    Pom-poms. These fluffly colorful balls of ribbon, wool, straws and papers are usually for decoration. Pom poms with long cut-outs are used in cheer dance. But enterprising vendors used them to manually ward-off flies too.

    Those who want to automate the process used cheap ceiling fans with paper (or plastic) cut-outs at least six inches in length pinned on each blade.

    Another way to ward off flies is to fill a clear plastic bag with clear water. Hang the bag from the ceiling. The movement and refraction of light by water will baffle and scare flies away.

    Do you have other ways to shoo away insects? Share them here.


    What Makes You Happy?

    What makes you happy?

    Is it the thought of going on a date with your crush? You have a job that even Steve Jobs envies? A partner as handsome as Brad Pitt (hey Angie, the duplicate is mine). Foods that will make you say “ok, waiter I’m ready for the next best seller.” Shopping like there is no tomorrow, a proud owner of the latest luxury car. Yep, these things are sure to make you happy. But is the happiness long lasting?

    Happiness in material things is temporary. When a new car is out in the market, you’ll find happiness if you get hold of it (goodbye old car). When your partner becomes obese (Brad Pitt is not obese) you’ll want to get hold of the real Brad Pitt no? After your shopping spree today, tomorrow is another day. There is no contentment in a short lived happiness.

    The Real Happiness

    When you start appreciating what you already have, you’ll find no end to happiness. The magic words are contentment, peace, appreciate, contentment, peace, appreciate, contentment, peace, appreciate…

    When you are contented and at peace with everything, you’re secured.

    Finding peace with everything begins in you. If you learn to forgive yourself and other people, you’ll begin to appreciate the simplicity of life. Shopping or no shopping, life is great. A partner that is no longer desirable physically starts to resemble the great Thor, your shining armor in sickness and in health. Your car that needs 5 persons to make it into the driveway is always a gem. You’ll never run out of food because even the simplest meal is a best seller for you.

    Real happiness is setting your mind to be at peace, contented and be appreciative with what you have in spite the scarcity.