What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy?

Is it the thought of going on a date with your crush? You have a job that even Steve Jobs envies? A partner as handsome as Brad Pitt (hey Angie, the duplicate is mine). Foods that will make you say “ok, waiter I’m ready for the next best seller.” Shopping like there is no tomorrow, a proud owner of the latest luxury car. Yep, these things are sure to make you happy. But is the happiness long lasting?

Happiness in material things is temporary. When a new car is out in the market, you’ll find happiness if you get hold of it (goodbye old car). When your partner becomes obese (Brad Pitt is not obese) you’ll want to get hold of the real Brad Pitt no? After your shopping spree today, tomorrow is another day. There is no contentment in a short lived happiness.

The Real Happiness

When you start appreciating what you already have, you’ll find no end to happiness. The magic words are contentment, peace, appreciate, contentment, peace, appreciate, contentment, peace, appreciate…

When you are contented and at peace with everything, you’re secured.

Finding peace with everything begins in you. If you learn to forgive yourself and other people, you’ll begin to appreciate the simplicity of life. Shopping or no shopping, life is great. A partner that is no longer desirable physically starts to resemble the great Thor, your shining armor in sickness and in health. Your car that needs 5 persons to make it into the driveway is always a gem. You’ll never run out of food because even the simplest meal is a best seller for you.

Real happiness is setting your mind to be at peace, contented and be appreciative with what you have in spite the scarcity.

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