Do It Yourself or D-I-Y?

do it yourself, DIYWould you rather let someone do a task for you or would you do-it-yourself?

I’m thinking, if I’ll always do-it myself, I might end up in a bin especially prepared for filthy living things. You see, there are chores that are best offered to someone else who got the balls to do them better. Say, cleaning the yard now covered with dried leaves that were remnants of the past.

If I’ll let somebody do a task for me, I’ll have more reasons not to swear at things that irk me most – broken water hose, flat tires, broken toilet light bulbs, computer monitor that blinks every second of my working time.

I’m getting older, so if I’ll let somebody do the chores for me, I’ve had no more trouble sleeping like a baby.

I love life and life is good. It will become better now that I’ve marked the calendar with people who’ll do the chores for me.

Wait a minute – most of the daily chores are perfect for my expertise, ugh!

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