My Application Letter is Rubber Filled

I’m not a native English speaker nor a pro in labor laws, but I got under my belt a meter of writing experience,answering questions about labor laws, last will and testament, custody battle, did I mention crimes? Yep. I also covered a bit - all in US settings. Then, I applied for a writing job: A US Labor Laws centered article writing gig.

A few minutes after I pressed the SEND button, my application bounced big time, PAK! I didn’t know my application is rubber filled.

I reviewed my application:

  • Attachment - check
  • Type “word” on the first line of application- check.
  • All RIGHT. So, what’s going on here?

    Oh, there goes the reason for the bounce. @#$%^! The soul who automatically rejected my application (a person or a bot, who knows) had a note: “Spam application”. WTH! How did he know my application is a spam? I didn’t eat Spam (sarcasm to the max) when I wrote my full-of-desire-to-be-hired application letter.

    Angry? Nope. My heart ached a sec but I'm fine. Thanks to my favorite writers (i.e. Carol, Oni, Sophie). They inspired me to move forward.

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