How to Deal With People Who Drive You Crazy!

You are not being true to yourself if you tell me everyone in your life is great. Everyone you’re dealing with gives you good results. Everyone is good! It’s time to wake you up! You’re probably dreaming!

Reality speaks otherwise

There is no such thing as perfect (but God is). Every day we encounter different people (aside from our love ones, of course). In mass transportation, we deal with annoying smells from different people, those who didn’t even care to use deodorant (expensive or the lowly “tawas”), those who talk loudly, and a worst case scenario is to come face to face with hold uppers (I’m already shaking).

In the family, there is sibling rivalry, a husband who is better off as “fertilizer” (killing with a cause), and the list never ends.

How to Deal with Difficult People?

Rejoice! This is the right time to celebrate life! Clear as the crystal water, we are dealing with people: good or bad! Isn’t it amazing that we are not in the hospital dealing with other patients, nurses and doctors?

In other words, we are learning to love life’s imperfections. It’s easier said than done, I know! But do we have concrete ways to deal with difficult people without learning the secrets of Anger Management?

Dealing with difficult people takes courage to start with. Courage is a natural strength that is within us especially when face with a bad situation. What we should do is master it.

Have you encountered annoying people lately? REJOICE! YOU ARE ALIVE!

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