Hidden Ingredients in Lipstick that You Must Know!

Love to see your lips sparkling with your favorite color? No problem! Ooppss, I mean, there is a problem.

Lipstick is the most favorite cosmeticuse by women and hmmm, some men, too. It is a fact that most users no longer care to check what makes the lipstick. As long as the color, the texture, the type match their taste, off they go with it.


Like any other processed foods (already toxic), lipstick has its own HIDDEN ingredients.

Hidden Toxic Ingredients in Lipstick

Methylparaben- (high hazard) a common preservative in beauty products. Use of this ingredient is already restricted in the US and the European countries. This has been known to cause cancer, increased skin aging and DNA damage, and upsets the endocrine system.

Propylparaben-(moderate hazard) a common preservative that irritates the skin and eyes. Irritation usually happens to users who are allergic to this ingredient. Prolong use may result to cancer aside from disrupting the endocrine.

Retinyl Palmitate- (moderate hazard) is another form of vitamin A—only, it’s synthetic: not advisable especially to pregnant women. This ingredient may cause reproductive problems, cancer and other health problems.

D&C Red 36 and D&C Red 22 Aluminum- (low hazard) these are common colorants in lipstick that link to nervous system damage and other health problems.

Tocopheryl Acetate- (moderate hazard) another synthetic form of vitamin E which is also use in moisturizer and foundation. Prolong use may cause itching, burning, hives, scaling and skin blistering.

Do you still care to check what makes your favorite lipstick? It’s your choice!

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