Is there Hope after (Dis)honesty?

If you can’t be trusted with small things; what more with bigger things? This is a common cliché, yet it conveys a powerful message. How powerful?

In every good deed – there exist a bad! This is a fact and fact is reality. Being honest has its ups and downs. In government service, if a worker is honest, his accomplishments will be tainted with issues-enough to make him look like a refugee in his own land.

Now, the dishonest worker will be crowned with so much “pogi” points-- to the extent of giving him recognition that only his cohorts knew “what, why, and how.”

Why Is this So?

It starts in the family. In a family where virtue of honesty is declared like a presidential decree, do you think an opposition party will triumph? Hmmm, my guess is as good as yours! Of course NO! However, in a society where dishonesty is “not punishable by law”, who cares if you are honest?

The question is---Is there still Hope?

It again starts in the family!

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