Prostitutes…Rejoice! Jesus’ Most Loved Woman was a Prostitute!

Got Questions? WebAnswers! Prostitution comes from the latin word prostituta, meaning to expose, to dishonor. It is an act of providing sexual services to another person: be it for a fee or for Free.

Prostitution is legal to some countries like in Europe (England, France, Wales, Denmark, New Zealand, etc…) in most part of South America, in Australia, in some Asian countries. As a matter of fact, the brothel capital of the world is a place where its origin can be traced back to the time of Abraham: Israel (Tel Aviv). Israel comes from the name given to Jacob. You can find the story in the book of Genesis 32:29.

But rejoice ‘ye… prostitutes! For all you know, the most loved woman of Jesus was like you! Yes, a prostitute in the name of Mary Magdalene. She was loved by Jesus more than His disciples. She was an epitome of a sinner but was later on considered by the Roman Catholic, the Eastern Orthodox, the Anglican and the Lutheran churches to be a saint (Mary Magdalene’s feast day falls on July 22.)

Mary Magdaleneor Mary Magdala was mentioned first in Luke 8:2-3. She was a woman who was cured of seven demons. Although her name was not mentioned very much in the gospels, her story was prominent when she appeared to have witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion, death and she was the first person to see the resurrected Jesus.

Prostitutes rejoice! Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, but she reformed and is considered a virtue of repentance.

Prostitutes rejoice! . It’s not too late to be a saint like Mary Magdalene! All you have to do is accept the truth. Ask yourself, would you like to be a sinner all your life or be a saint like Mary Magdalene who is the patron saint of Magdalen College, Oxford and Magdalene College, Cambridge? The choice is yours!

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