The Modern Day Hypocrites and Willie Revillame!

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Everyone knows Willie Revillame. He is an epitome of a modern day “knight in shining armor” of the poor, the heartbroken, the depress, the lowly sidewalk vendors, the widow(wer), the ordinary workers, the sick, the old, the handicapped, the dreamers, the frustrated, the problematic, some of the "rich" and so on and so forth.

Willie Revillame is RICH!

Willie Revillame is considered to be at par with Manny Pacquiao, Manny Villar and the other rich and famous people of the Philippines. He is a man with a Cinderella story. He is another good example of “from rugs to riches” story. In short, Willie Revillame is rich!

Yes, Willie Revillame is rich not only financially, but also in talent. He has this charisma to make people laugh. A simple word if said by Willie is enough to make people fall down laughing. In a society where problems are in the four corners of the country, to be happy is a gem, a privilege.

Willie Revillame is rich, but sad to say, he can’t buy total, absolute happiness. With the hypocrites around, who wants to be a millionaire like Willie Revillame and be at the mercy of these people?

The Hypocrites Line of Attack

The hypocrites are now in the limelight. These people are but a few. These people do not need to win in Willie Revillame’s Willing Willie show. These people do not know the feelings of the ordinary people. The hypocrites do not know how it feels to be given a chance to receive financial rewards in the form of winnings. The hypocrites are like vultures: waiting and ready to eat the victim when he falls down.

The Hypocrites started their line of attack when they make big the simple story of a six year old boy who dances while in tears. The hypocrites did not bother to know the whole story, the behind the scene tale, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They slashed the segment enough to burst an outrageous roar of complains from sectors who are privilege to own or use personal computers. Because the voice of the people, the majority of the Filipinos did not find the dance abusive, the hypocrites used the internet. The millions who watched Willing Willie enjoyed the comedy. Isn’t it the voice of the millions who loved the show is the supreme law? Those who commented on the internet do not represent the millions of the Filipino people. They are just a bunch of idiots, yes, hypocrites who have nothing to do but crucify Willie Revillame.

Be Practical!

What crime has Willie committed? Yes, he is sometimes arrogant, bragging, proud, bigheaded, BUT Willie Revillame is Willie Revillame. You can’t change his ways. In spite the negative criticisms, million Filipinos still want him. The high ratings of his show proved it all. Who cares to watch the never ending saga of telenovelas where the story is already common, where the end is known from the start. What can the ordinary people get from these telenovelas? Nothing!

Come on! Let’s be practical! The people need money. The ordinary people want to be recognized even for just a little time of TV exposure. The dreamers want to realize their dreams. The poor wants to have money. These people can’t realize their longings by watching telenovelas.

Willie helps the ordinary people. He makes them laugh, he makes them cry, he even pay them for their stories, for their labors. A simple singing out of tune is paid by Willie. A simple tear jerking life story is paid by Willie. A simple comedy is paid by Willie. Where can you find a show where simple act is given financial reward? Only in Willing Willie.

Exploiting Poverty?

The hypocrites always say that Willie exploits the poor, he is exploiting poverty. What do you think is the reason why “the Big Network” wants Willie back and when Willie call it quits, the big network is all out to make Willie pay for his “mere change of mind?” If Willie is exploiting the poor did the hypocrites help trim down poverty when Willie’s show was suspended indefinitely? Who invented poverty anyway?

Willie Revillame has his own way to make people laugh. Yes, he makes fun with the contestants, but it’s but natural for a show like Willing Willie.

Be Honest!

Are you one of the hypocrites? Oh Come one, be honest! The writer enjoyed the show, the family enjoyed the show, the senior citizens in the family enjoyed the show, even the hard headed husband watched it although with qualms…sometimes (ssshhh, because the husband wants to watch HBO).

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