How to End Life the Sweet and Fulfilling Way

It is a known fact that nature provides people and other living things with natural food. The natural food that nature provides is more than enough to nourish the body and shield it from the harm of disease causing germsdisease causing germs. But sad to say, humans altered the natural food nature provides.

The food that nature provides has been cultured and developed by humans to make it more appealing, taste better, look better, and smell sweet. To make food last longer than expected, we canned, preserved (using preservatives that are enough to kill the body slowly and surely), bottled, heated and frozen it.

In trying to improve the manner nature prepared our food, we are producing the opposite effect. Instead of shielding our bodies from the harm of disease causing germs, we are instructing our body to end its life the easy way.

We cannot deny the fact that the alteration process is for improvement purposes. But we have sadly realized that we can never improve on nature. The tampering we do with the food nature provide is the cause of most of our health problems. This is ignorance the modern way. We have been taught how to live life to the fullest and eat only foods that gives us health. But reality proves the contrary.

We are delighted to fill our shopping carts with denatured foods. We take pride in showing off the canned foods we buy for the rainy days. But we care less in reading the labels of the grocery items we buy. We do not give even a glimpse of the food that will soon become a part of our cells, our blood and our tissues.

Most of the foodstuffs in the modern world are nothing but illness causing stuff. The "empty calorie" reality in food nowadays can be seen in this list:

1. Concentrated starches like white bread, flour, cakes, biscuits, pies, doughnuts, etc...
2. Refined sugar and by-products like confections, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc..
3. Stimulating drinks like tea, alcohol, coffee, colas, beers, tonic drinks, etc…

The listed foods and drinks are pretty much in demand and have one thing in common: they harm the body after they please the taste buds.

We shall for this reason, leave it to the conscience of the reader to find out for himself what is the most essential and by far the most exhilarating truth about the proliferating like mushroom degenerative foodstuffs that ends life slowly, the sweet and fulfilling way.

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