Where is the money?

I hurriedly rushed to our bedroom as I recalled the money intended for my son’s teachers board examination. Oh my, oh my, it’s nowhere to be found. Where did I put it? Oh my, oh my. I pinched myself to forced my memory to come up with a trace of where the money was.

Nowhere to be found

As I go over the pile of dresses, books, newspapers (I used the old editions as bed in lieu of the costly plywood) but no money in sight. I want to faint, oh my Good Lord. You know I just borrowed that money from a friend.

Confrontation ensued

Knowing the nearest person to do such a thing, I confronted my husband. He denied to death. He even accused me of forcing him to admit to a “crime” he didn’t commit. I don’t want to create chaos thus in a low-toned voiced I asked him, “I will gladly accept even half of the amount, pleaseeee….it's for our son’s board exam payment”, but to no avail.

Mental blocked

Did I suffer mental block? I guess so because I had a hard time constructing the flow of event. I recalled buying chicken feeds, then put the money in my pocket. I remembered keeping my bag beneath the mattress of my daughter’s bed (I usually do this to shun “burglary” of my personal stuffs). I went to my garden to plant some veggies, and there in that instant, I remember the money.

Might be a blessing in disguised

I hurriedly rush to our bedroom, but as what I have said, the money was nowhere to be found. Sensing my search to be futile, I went to my daughter’s room and there I saw them neatly piling the scattered things. I laid on their bed with my eyes tightly closed. My third from the eldest child told me, “just calm down mama. It’s just money, not a good reason to go kaput. Just think of it as a blessing in disguise. Maybe the Lord wants to remind something.” As I heard my 12 year old daughter said, I laugh out loud. I was very happy to hear such consoling words from my daughter. I can’t believe she uttered those words knowing her age. I told her, “thank you my dear daughter. Yes, you are very right. But I just borrowed that money.” My daughter again told me, “And so what. If you cry, its just a waste of tears, and mind you, tears can't be bought. It’s not the end of the world yet.”

Accepted the fate

“Ma, I’m going to the city tomorrow, when can you give me the money for my board exam?”, my son asked. I told him, “tomorrow son.”

Full of HOPE

Another debt coming. But true to my daughter’s comfort, I accepted the fate and face another day of big HOPE.

Where did the lost money go? Only God knows. I don’t want to point a finger to anyone. I just hope that one of these days, I may be able to pay all our debts. With God’s help of course.

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