Will continue his hampered "mission"

Very early this morning, my husband put "on" the tv & watched TV Maria (around pass 4am i think). He took care of our special child who was suffering from colds.

I continued my hampered sleep. I woke up at 6am. My husband was nowhere to be found. Nobody knew where he was. I thought he went to work early. At around 8am, he arrived perspiring. I did not bother to ask because i heard him giving instructions to his brother's two sons. He told them to packed all his dresses as he was scheduled to leave for Manila.

Oh my, another scenery. But i still did not bother to ask why. He wants me to give him his two days work salary. "I am not a bank, i dont have money, wait for your payday", i told him.

i went straight to my work. I dont want to ruin my day because of his unbelievable "gimmicks".

at around 5:pm today, he called and asked again for his two days salary because he was living early tomorrow. GRGGGGrrrrrrrr.....i almost lost my temper.....have told him to wait for customers to buy in my father's little store. there i might give him his money.

He told me he is leaving tomorrow. I told him not to return anymore. Oh my, i know for sure that he will return.

When will this "torture" ends? Only God knows.

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