Very lovely, Special Child

I gave birth to my very lovely, special child on the 11th day of July, 2003. She is my 6th child. During my preggy months, I remembered wanting to eat crabs. But because it was not yet its season, my husband failed to gave in to my cravings. I also hated the smell of chicken bar-b-q, and powdered juice drinks. Nonetheless, I gave birth normally. The usual cry was not heard, so the midwife tried everything just to make sure my baby was very okay. With God's help, my baby cried although for only a few seconds, at least, she cried. I was very happy then.

Life was usual, until my eldest son noticed something unusual. My Jeulyanna seems to be deaf because no matter how loud we called her name, no reaction was seen from her. I did not bother to make a big fuss, until she reached the age of 3. No words uttered, no eye contact whatsoever. Just a blank stare. My eldest son told me my Jeulyanna was autistic. It's my first time to hear such a word. A mother's instinct forced me to do rigid research. I knew then that my beloved Jeulyanna is having a mild autism disorder. I said mild (although i'm not a doctor) because she possesses the considered mild symptoms of the said disorder. The more I love this child. She needs my help, my guidance, my endless love.

Come July 11, 2008, she will be celebrating her 5th birthday. She can now uttered words but not so straight. She can point where the moon is. I applied the GFCF diet (learned from a seminar I attended on dealing with autism disorder.) I tried to get rid of all dairy products particularly milk. It's hard but if coupled with the will to succeed, I can beat this disorder the soonest possible time.

I love my beloved, special child, no matter what.

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