• Tantrums galore...

My beloved Jeulyanna is also a wide reader, a good dancer and a good singer in spite of her being puny. You might wonder, "A wide reader? How?". Yes, Jeulyanna tends to read all sorts of reading materials from old junk newspapers to glossy magazines of all kinds (wholesome only to make it clear). Although she still can't speak fluently, but she reads a lot. She will never leave a magazine unless she reads everything - cover to cover. She's very cute.
I arrived at around 6:00pm last night. I noticed that my Jeulyanna was not in d mood. I tried to hug her but she cried enough to deafen me. Her voice is sooooo high pitch that u want her to stop crying immediately or else your eardrum will "explode". She possess a very high pitch voice (higher than that of a bird). Again, her tantrums..hummmmm...I just cuddle her more and sung her favorite lullaby....we sung together. Yes, she sings very well although the lyrics is somewhat "alien" sounding...but the tune is very good.

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