He continued his fabricating, welding skills

I'm very happy that my foreman friend gave work to my husband. At least he will concentrate on doing his favorite skills while earning at the same time.

But this morning, I was again worried because my husband told me to call his attention if I receive a call from the regional police office. Again? Oh my, I ask him for what reason will the call be?

Last Friday, he went to the police regional office to lodged his complaint against our local municipal police for "police brutality." He was pointed with a gun by a certain police and tried to pull the trigger enough to frightened him. Not satisfied, the police did not stop the inmates from beating my husband. They just watched.

I told him, "what if nothing happens with your complaint? will you go berserk or shout again?

Oh my, another problem. He just told me to wait for the result of the investrigation.

God is my refuge.

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