I felt pity

Last night, my husband was "normal" again. We watched TV with our children, laugh together as if nothing happens. At around 9:30pm he fell asleep together with our special child.

This morning, as I was busy preparing the things my father needed in his mini store, my husband asked for his daily allowance. And since his duty as driver stopped, he no longer have an allowance. He insisted that I gave him even 20. To stop the argument, I gave him 20.

I arrived in the office early - 7:00am. At around 9:30am, our manager arrived and told me he saw my husband walking as if going to the city, ( my gosh its 33 kilometers from our residence to the city) and was perspiring (its too hot today). I just said, I cant do anything about it sir. I cant stop him from going anywhere.

Deep inside me, I felt pity. I love my husband in spite of everything. But because of financial constraints, I cannot afford to give in to his caprices because I have children to take care of. I prioritize my children.

I leave everything to God. He will never leave me and my family, I know it. He will take care of my husband just like what He did when my husband was in Dubai and in Saudi Arabia. God took care of him.

It's 3:00pm now, and no news, whatsoever about my husband.

Prayer is my only refuge.

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