A Story Of Related Anger To Self Pity

When my husband saw the big picture of the president yesterday (April 29, 2008), he was fuming mad. He is very angry with the current state of government. I tried to appease him. Told him to mind his own business and not to meddle in other peoples affairs. But he didn't listen. I warned him not to mess up or he will be jailed. But he did not heed my advise.
He was jailed for tearing the tarpaulin with the president's picture on it. My husband wants to see me. But I was really angry. I don't want to see him. I want him to rot in jail He thinks he's "superman". He wants to topple this government...alone.
I asked the opinion of my children....in unison they say, "Ma, we dont want papa to come back. He's better in jail". Wish granted!
At around 10am, the local police requested me to fetch my husband immediately. I told them to let my husband stay in jail even for just a month. I want him to learn his lesson. But the police insisted. I related anger to self pity. I know my husband is having bipolar "mania", but if he wants to change, he should control his "sickness". I said this so because I have a friend who is experiencing the same sickness but she told me she find ways to control it. But why is my husband still wanting the impossible? Oh my, I'm torn between reality and make-believe.
I really am confused. At around 2:30pm, my husband was released after I signed documents, which I did not bother to read.
This morning, he woke up very early and watched TV maria. He jogged afterwards without eating breakfast.
It's really hard to live with a hubby like this. But because I have children to take care of, my God is my refuge.
My children questioned me, "Ma, why did they release papa?", I told them, "let's pray for guidance."

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