Being Calm In Adversity

My daughter woke me up looking for the key to our small shop. I said, "I don't know, ask your grandfather." These words made my father angry. As usual I told him not to get angry early in the morning.

We can't open the shop, for sure, so I woke my eldest daughter to help open the shop by force. Instead of adhering, (in a loud voice), she yelled at her younger sister, "where's my bag?" Again, the sounds that sprang from a nerve wrecking voice creates an angry tone for the early morning "show". Oops... my father started to yell at my eldest daughter. To stop this early morning war, I told everyone to calm down while settling the problem. There is no room for blame. . Now, let's think of how to open the shop without damaging the lock (it's costly to change locks.)

We have to keep going until all yelling has stopped. We used a sharp knife to open the shop. My eldest daughter started pushing the front door while my husband opened the back door using the knife. Voilaaaa...both doors opened just in time.

There goes my morning. There is a lot more that I need to write. In the meantime, the war is over...thanks God.

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