Smartphone Workers are “killing” Themselves to Find the Cash

A nation confirmed for its cultural stability – China. Their flexible workforce is in a position to labor long hours for little pay - the sight seemed to be attractive.

More than 2,000 workers crushed inside a local high-tech factory, upturned a vehicle, broke computers, thrown things at cops trying to regain control, and successfully closing the company which produces cellular phone.

Statistics indicate an astounding 91,000 laborers perished associated with work-related fatalities in 2008, according to the China Labor Bulletins, a new Hong Kong NGO that monitors labor concerns.

Workers may have legal rights in China and the government authorities are supposed to enforce employee basic safety. However, these rights are not strictly enforced resulting to a staggering 13,700 registered cases of work-related disease.

Moves to go on strike to demand implementation of the safety measure are dangerous in China needless to say, given that independent unions do not exist. But Wintek company whose workers gambled for their bonuses have luckily won.

In spite of this, the health issue continues to linger, and workers appear to have been held in the dark and sorry to say - can always be.

In interviews, text messaging, online postings and media reports, employees point out that they became mindful of hexane use at the company just in July and also August of last year whilst workers first began displaying signs and symptoms. Reports showed a numbing, prickling sensation in workers arms and legs.

Apple company once reported to have contracted Wintek Company never openly confirmed the connection. They have not act in response to messages or calls or perhaps a comprehensive report on e-mailed issues in search of response to situation in Suzhou China.

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