False Accomplishment

Feeling tired although you did not exert much effort to justify the exhaustion? Wondering why the near collapse? The feeling of “don’t- like- to- do- it, but- I- must” is the culprit.

Every day, you have a thousand and one things to do. Regardless of where on the side of the bed you woke up, you will encounter tasks that will eventually make you bushed first thing in the morning.

What then

Weigh all tasks for the day. You will notice that the most important tasks are the hardest and most complicated. The worn-out feeling starts to beat you now. But do not be overwhelmed by this urge. Start the feeling of “I- will- do- it- now, I- will- do- it- right!” before it’s too late. By the way, say it with conviction.

Seems your conviction is not working early in the morning, eh? Yeah, you are right. Your conviction is hollow because you are thinking of other “important tasks” that in reality are not. Your favorite young star is set to promote his movie and you have to be there early to have a closer look. This is essential for you. And to be late because of the real essential tasks, made you “collapse” in “exhaustion”.

False accomplishment

You may feel you have accomplished something when you choose to work on the non essential tasks rather than the essential. You are wrong. You did not achieve much. The feeling of pulling-it-off is miles away from reality. You are deceiving yourself.

Wake up, it’s not too late

Watching a nonsensical reality show is not essential. Watching shows with your family is. Weigh all tasks again. Accomplish the essential tasks first and you will enjoy the rewards and payoffs of completing such intricate tasks. Trust me!

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